Marketing by Email

For those of you who are into marketing by email, you would know that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a high-converting email newsletter series.

Marketing by email requires many time-consuming steps, regardless if you are sending to 1 person or to millions. You start off generating new content on a regular basis, figuring out how to monetize it, the actual writing, proofreading and then sending it out. But putting in the hard work does not ensure the message getting across. What if nobody is interested to read your emails?

Here are 5 marketing by email secrets to get your message opened and read:

1. Be purposeful

Most internet savvy folks can spot a sales pitch posing as a “newsletter” a mile away. Save yourself from the wasted effort by rethinking your approach to marketing by email. Instead, call it a “5-part mini course on personal finance” or “8 weeks to killer abs”. The installment approach gives a purpose to your readers and they can look forward to upcoming “issues” to consume the benefits.

2. Use the Subject Line

Traditional email newsletter have gotten so common that people are now tired of receiving the usual newsletter. Many just delete based on the subject line. It is hence critical that you have a catchy subject line, like “Frankly, I’m puzzled…”, to make them want to read the entire message.

3. Personalize

Email marketing best practices dictate that if you have the subscribers’ names from opt-ins, you must use them. One brilliant method to give your email series a personal touch is to include some of the actual questions sent in by your subscribers. When your readers see these “real” questions in the subject lines, they can tell that it is not the usual “sales” email. They will want to find out how your content can resolve their problems.

4. Vary the Content

Emails with rehashed contents become predictable. Predictable emails are boring. The worst offense in marketing by email is boring your audience. There are three styles you can use in rotation to combat this: How-To, Q&A, and Selling. A “how-to” newsletter imparts useful information based on a reader’s interests. Q&A is based on a question from the reader. A Selling email is used to push your affiliate marketing products. Balancing your approach like this will keep readers interested for longer.

5. Layout

Good content often gets lost in a bad layout and simply not get read. Vast pages of text without any breaks or paragraphs can simply hurt the eyes. If you choose to send HTML emails, be sure to check how they display using Outlook to make sure of their readability. Check them with images on and then off to be really certain. There is a reason why newspapers are written in columns. The human eye simply cannot trail a long line of text and not falter. If you are sending plain email texts, wrap them by using a narrow margin like 60 characters. Separate main points into paragraphs or bullets. If there is simply too much information, try linking terms or phrases into a website.

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