Low Cost Website Traffic Marketing

Discover the 5 Best Ways To Get Quality Web Site Traffic for Next to Nothing!

Getting a steady stream of website traffic to your site is a sure fire way to earn more income, in fact you must have the traffic in order to be successful. If you can’t get anyone to go to your site, or they just don’t have a clue that you even exist, you can not make money, plain and simple. There have been some that have tried with no luck what so ever. If you are spending money for a great site with all the bells and whistles it does you absolutely no good at all, except burning a hole in your wallet, if ya got not website traffic. Don’t hang it up just yet though because I may have a cure for your traffic-less foe.

If I was to tell you how much the big players with the high Google rankings, spend on a monthly basis, to get traffic, you would bust a vein. Thousands and thousands of dollars, why? Well besides the obvious they simply do not have the time to use some simple marketing techniques that could virtually give you the same amount of traffic without spending obscene amounts of money. You could even get that web traffic for free or at a very low cost. If you are willing to put just a little bit of effort, and there should be no reason why you couldn’t, we can beef up your site with some darn right high quality traffic jams. Are you game? Good lets begin…..

I am going to share with you 5 top marketing tips that are going to start generating some great traffic for you and the good news is it is barely going to cost you anything. At this point our goal is to get you some effective targeted traffic quickly so that you can start making some money. Let’s begin with our first one…….

Exchange Links

This method has been around and has proven time and time again, to be very effective. As you have read and been told I’m sure, the search engines love links to your site. This tells the engines that others are finding your site to be of value to them. The engines main concern is to send their searchers to sites that have relative information as to what is being searched. Those links (and be sure they are from high ranking sites) represent a valid interest to others and they will to Google too. When you link sites properly you will see a huge difference in your web site traffic statistics.

You get bonus points for linking your site to other sites that have a common interest or theme to yours. This means you would not want to exchange links with a Plumber if your site is about Horse racing it just makes no sense and you would be penalized for that. So careful with your linking.

The more of these related links you have attached to your site, the more exposure you will get by the Search engine army, especially big daddy Google. This will build your credibility and give you higher rankings. Do you know what the best part is?? It costs you zilch, zip, nadda, zero! You’re liking this already huh? O.k. let’s move on……

Traffic Exchanges

One of my favorites, because you get to see thousand of other sites. While you are surfing the traffic exchanges for credits you are viewing hundreds and hundreds of sites, so y0u can see at a glance what others are up to and how you measure up. You will get ideas and information that can help you have one up on your competition and you can do this all in one place! How cool is that? Let me give you a little word of advise though, traffic exchanges are a great way for other to see your site almost immediately, however don’t try to sell the surfer anything at all!

They could care less about your Genie 5000 that will generate poodles of cash while they sleep. Whatever! They are there for one thing and one thing only…do you know what? I know you said GET TRAFFIC CREDITS, and you would be right. If you must play the used car salesman , and there are some of those out there, then sell something that has to do with traffic. This way they will feel like its a benefit to them and may release there “Next” key for a moment to see what ya have. Just bare in mind, don’t take it personally, or think that you are doing something wrong because you can’t sell anything at a traffic exchange. It is not you, so wipe those tears, it’s just not the place for a garage sale. Capice? I love this part….and guess what?? This one is FREE to0, and for a small upgrade sometimes $7 to $9 a month, you can double even triple your credits and freebies! Now onward and upward….

Write and Submit Articles

Aaahhh, now this one can really put you on the map with traffic. It is an old time traffic powerhouse and is also known as BUM marketing, why? because its FREE even a bum can do it and not have to pay a cent. Nothing comes without a little bit of warning though, this type of free traffic can take some time to master. If you are not creative or have trouble writing, then just move along, there are plenty more that you can chose from. Typically when you start to get the hang of it you can spit out a 300-500 page article in 15-20 minutes. I know, get off the floor, it really is not that difficult if you are good at writing. Just pick your topic , do some research on the web (do not copy anything just for ideas only) and put together 4 or 5 paragraphs with a little teaser action involved.

Don’t give away the whole cow , just tease your reader with a little bit of milk then lead them not into temptation in the resource box. Where will you be sending them? Your website of course and there they will see your offer and be so happy to have found it that they cant wait to hop all over paypal (o.k. it’s not that easy, but close enough) Do not ever copy anything and try to pass it off as something you wrote, even if you bought with resell rights. You need to re-write at least 30% of it or the Article directories will shut you out. And believe me they will. You know who else will to??? Yup The big kahoona himself, King Google. Do not get a duplicate content violation cause those really suck! Write an article related to the theme of your site so that when readers are looking at it, when they get to your resource box they will want to check out what else you have, so keep the reader wanting more and make them informative. O.k. moving right along..are we having fun yet?

Create a Newsletter.

Don’t break out into a sweat now, it is not as scary as it may seem. Although if you have some general knowledge about how to create a newsletter you can pop one out, piece of cake. If you don’t , however you can outsource it for pennies on the dollar. Newsletters are a great way to create a viral traffic surge because every time someone passes your newsletter to someone else you are increasing your traffic by the boat full and it will continue to do so for LIFE. That’s right, get this one right and you will never have to worry about traffic again. Period. O.k. and one more for the road……

Join Online Communities and Forums

This one is also FREE..Yippee!! It is also fun, however it can take up quite a bit of your time. Now there are lotions and potions available out there that will assist you in this act of posting to top forums however they can be a bit pricey. But they are definitely worth it. If you have some free time and want to do it yourself you can pop out about a dozen forums in about an hour and a half or so. Reason being is you need to take the time to study a forum a bit so that you get the flavor of what the forum is about and what people are discussing. Make sure your posts have some quality and are informative to the reader. Do not just post something like, “Hey cool site” and then move along to your next party. If you do, the forum will pick up on it right away and peg you as an intruder and you will be ignored. Simple as that.

You see that was painless and priceless for the most part. Follow this road map and you will soon have some steady targeted web traffic to assist you in being more profitable and you will accomplish this at no major cost what so ever!


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