Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Daddy’s Little Girl

Michael is a tough guy, but what he needs to do is get along with his kids, you know? So when Jimmy pushes a chair into his son’s television, he expects to spend more time with his grandfather… However, this is unlikely to be the kind of time Michael is hoping for.

– Go to Michael’s place. Time will fly, then there will be a cut scene.

– After leaving the home, follow Jimmy to Michael’s vehicle. Vespucci Beach is a fast drive south.

– Walk down to the beach’s bike rental shop and rent a bike.

– Compete with Jimmy to the pier’s edge, near Vespucci Beach. You should have no problem beating Jimmy’s time because he isn’t the fastest horse. The only problem you ought to be careful with is colliding with pedestrians; be able to stop at any point. If it makes the race faster, feel free to fly over the desert.

– When the cut scene is over, jump into the sea and swim out to the boat out in the sea. (You can see why the mission is called ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.’) Climb to the top of the ship’s ladder.

– After a cut scene, you’ll be drawn into a race between two armed men. Begin by shooting it into the faraway outlet. You won’t miss the guys if you break out for the open sea.

Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Daddy's Little Girl

– Break into the tunnels under Los Santos and the canals below in a straight line. There are a few turns to your left, but none of them are worth having. When you come to an obvious wall, turn left.

– The next section is a little perplexing. Turn left and race your jet ski before you see that wall out in the distance. When you see buoys floating in the sea, turn around. Any other turns will lead to piers that are dead ends.

– Drive right down the straightaway. When you get closer to clear sea, the gunmen will surrender.

– Aim the jet ski in the direction of the waypoint. You don’t have to be precise; simply park the jet ski close Jimmy.

– Take advantage of the fleeting opportunity for family bonding.

Had problems with your jet ski? The most difficult part is spinning. Most of the time, it’s best to follow the game’s advice and make steep turns with the joystick. However, if you depend on this too much, it may transform too abruptly, and you can end up drifting into piers. Don’t be scared to let up on the gas pedal a little. You will easily return to your top speed.

Fastest Gear – Take the jet ski to its maximum speed. This can be a walk in the park. When you’re heading into the tunnels or on the last straightaway leading out to clear sea, press the accelerator the most. You should even reserve this for when you get back to the shore and aren’t under hostile assault.

Stabilizer – Make sure you don’t slip off your bike while racing Jimmy. If you stay away from pedestrians, you won’t have any problems. The bike is simple to ride.

Faster than a fish – Swim to the boat in under a minute. Jump to the shore and swim towards the ships as soon as you dive into the sea. Don’t stay in the pool for too long.

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