Finding The Right BlackBerry Pearl Case

Are you looking for a BlackBerry Pearl Case for your new phone? If you are we would like to help. It can be difficult to decide what type of case is going to be best fit for you based on your needs. Everyone’s needs are going to be different, but that’s OK because there is all kinds of different cases to fit those needs. We will be providing a list of cases for the BlackBerry Pearl with a short review of each along with some good place’s to find them to purchase. Updates to the list will be made when we find new cases that we feel will be beneficial to our readers.

Blackberry Pearl Crystal Hard Case

This is a great case for your phone. There are very inexpensive and they do a great job at protect it from getting damaged and scratched. It most likely won’t handle to many drops before breaking but none the less will word great. The case allows for full functionality of the phone without ever removing the case. It comes in two pieces and snaps on to the phone and then locks in place. The is a very good option for both business professionals and others that use this phone leisurely. This particular crystal hard case does not come with a belt clip but other cases exactly like it do, so there is the option for that if you would prefer to have a belt clip.

Blackberry Pearl Rubberized Hard Case

Now this case is a little different that most people are use to. It has a rubber shell that sits on the outside of a hard crystal inner shell. It offers full functionality of the phone just like the crystal hard case without ever removing the case from the phone. The biggest advantage to the rubberized hard case over the crystal hard case is the shock absorption when the phone is dropped. This case helps to minimize damage to your phone because of the hard rubber outside shell. This case would be great for the casual owner and also looks great enough to be used by business professional’s. This particular case comes with a belt clip attachment on the back. If you would prefer to have a case without that feature there are plenty of pearl cases out there that do not have the belt clip included.

Blackberry Pearl Leather Flip Case

This leather flip case for the Blackberry Pearl is a very sleek and sophisticated case. This is an excellent option for the business professional as well as for the casual owner you wants a great leather case. It offers full functionality of the phone without ever having to remove the phone from the case. It has a side front flap that can be used to cover the front of the phone when not be used to help prevent it from being damaged. This is a very nice case that looks great on the phone, I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in this type of case.

All these cases can be purchased at , however these exact type of cases can be found from several different sellers. A great place to look for cases such as these is on eBay. Look for more cases to be added to the list in the future.

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