Cheap Xbox 360 Headsets That Rock

Cheap Xbox 360 Headsets are few and far between if your looking for an actual decent set of cans. We have gathered all our resources to bring to you the best Xbox 360 gaming headsets under $50. From our personal favorite The Triton Trigger (Now with special Halo 4 Edition) to the cheaper end of the scale. We have hopefully made life a little easy for you when trying to find the most affordable yet quality Xbox Gaming Headset.

A cheap headset for the Xbox does not mean it’s cheap and nasty. Example, something your almost expecting to snap or break on you in less then a week. Were talking cheap as in affordable quality gaming headsets for your 360. So lets get into it.


Triton have come to the party by producing a totally awesome headset for Xbox gamers. Costing just under $50, you will be amazed by this headsets capabilities. It’s one of the most durable headsets I know for this price range. This thing is a beast. IT just keeps on keeping on no matter how bad you treat your equipment (With exceptions of course). 5 stars for durability and longevity!.

The adjustable Mic volume control is important to me and one of the better features for this headset in my opinion. Besides being able to physically adjust the mic to your ideal location, you can also alter how you hear things. quick and easy. Want the in game sound louder, then quickly turn the mic volume down. Or finding it hard to hear your gang, turn up the mic and in game down. Unbelievable results and for a low priced headset.

The stereo sound is powered by 2 x 40 mm drivers which deliver life like sound without distorting it too much by adding overwhelming Bass that just sounds like crap anyway. When overdone, but a good mix of bass , mids and trebles are perfect in my book. And these cans deliver just that. The Triton Trigger WON’T deliver heart pounding Bass, so if your after a cheap headset that pushes out max bass, then I suggest you check out the Earforce X12 .

The bottom line is that unless your willing to spend up to or even over $100, I believe you won’t find a better headset for use with a Xbox 360. They are extremely durable, pretty damn comfortable and look a million bucks. So for under $50, you can’t go wrong with the Triton Trigger Headset. Note: Headset also come with an adapter to become multi Xbox platform capable. The adapter alone costs up to $15 Which allows you to play on all Xbox systems using this headset.


If you haven’t heard of the X12 Earforce gaming headset, then I think, no… I know it’s time you do. There’s a reason why the X12 is the best selling Xbox gaming headset, and you’re about to see why.

So you want more bang for your buck?. For approximately the same price of the Triton Triigger, you can grab a set of X12′s. These beasts are powered by 50 mm drivers, which in comparison’s to Triton’s 40mm drivers…well you’re in for a treat. As previously stated the X12 delivers intense bass, which to a lot of gamers is the ticket. while bass is important and very cool. Too much can vibrate and distort the sound a bit. This is the reason the Triton Trigger outshines the X12 in our gaming opinion. Even though the extra bass can be switched on and off on the X12.

But if you love deep and powerful bass when tanks roll by and bombs blow up, then you’re simply going to love the X12. I must admit the rumbling lows really do get the heart pumping and the excitement level goes through the roof. So these headsets do deliver extremely well when it comes to atmospherical gaming. They really do make you feel like your part of the game. Which is the ultimate goal right?

Like the Triton trigger, the Earforce X12 also has the super cool Mic/in game volume control buttons. I found the mic on the X12 more sensitive the the Triggers. The X12′s Mic picks up everything without missing a word, grunt, curse, scream etc You get the point. Love the Mic feature.

The Bottom Line is that basically not much separates the Earforce X12 from the Triton Trigger when it comes to cheap gaming headsets for Xbox 360. Both are very similar in functions and features, but the determining factor for us was the clear crisp and dramatic sound from the Trigger headset. Other then that the X12 completely holds it’s own and makes for one fantastic Xbox headset under $50. Many more features and specifications for the Turtle Beach Earforce X12 can be found below from your relevant country.

* A nice cheap xbox gaming headset that delivers excellent stereo sound from 50 mm drivers. This headset is pretty much the entry level for any gamer on a budget that actually want a ‘gaming headset’. Anything cheaper and you’re more then likely not going to like what you receive unfortunately.
* Obtain the perks of hearing every footstep and clip hit the deck on games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield etc. A gaming headset like this one will help you pin point the location of your enemy before they know you’re even there.
* Plenty of features for such a cheap headset. USB connectivity, so you never have to worry about batteries again. Bass boost option to dramatize game play, cool dongle like headset control piece attached to the cord which allows complete volume control, built in microphone monitor which allows you to hear how you sound…too loud, too quite etc.
* Colors Available: White or Green/Black

UNDER $30!

On a really tight budget? That’s ok because we have dug around to bring you 6 of the best rated gaming headsets for the Xbox 360 with a maximum budget of $30. Starting from a very low $8 to the max of $30. But keep in mind these headsets are for the the tight budget gamers only. If you can afford a few more bucks, then the headsets listed above are far superior and should be considered for improving game play.

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