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The internet has indeed taken the world by the storm. There are a lot of people who are conducting a huge chunk of their business operations online. Online companies already rake a lot of money, and more and more people are getting accustomed to more frequent Internet use. Due to this massive Internet dependence, many Internet users are powered by their online accounts. This makes purchases, monitoring, and production easily done in the Internet. If you want to build your own website, you can just buy a domain, buy hosting and you can start posting your content online with XSitePro!

Gone are the days when one needs to find a professional, preferably one who works for an IT company. A designer who finished a computer course in college, just to build a website isn’t required when you use XSitePro. Before, a lot of people were clueless about stuff like hyperlinks, sub domains, pingbacks and many other website related terms. Truly, times have changed. Now, it’s easy to build your own website. XSitePro makes it faster, less expensive, and more convenient too.

Here’s another great thing about having it easier nowadays. Because the industries that operate through the Internet are getting more condensed, competition is neck-to-neck and that which you can buy cheaper every day. For online companies which can’t compete through prices, they fight the battle by improving their products and/ or services. With that said, if you really want to build your own website, you won’t have such a hard time doing it if you use XSitePro. To start off, here are the clear steps on how to go about it (sans the hard IT know-how and jargon):

First, you have to envision your website well. Have a clear path. Know where you’re really going. Would you want a blog-like site, a catalogue site or a flashy, corporate type one? Do you prefer a static website or a dynamic one? How many pages? What is the look and feel that you have in mind? These are just few of the questions that you need to ask yourself when you finally decide to build your own website.

After that, do put this vision on paper and draft a site map. Be as specific as you can. This way, you can easily plan your timetable for building your own website. XSitePro has numerous templates within the program and you can browse for what seems forever till you find what looks professional for your purposes. And don’t be afraid of the things you thought you couldn’t handle. Just make a site map using the software’s SEO sections, and you’ll be able to take things from there easily.

Now that you have an idea what the website will look like, you must now take into consideration the content of the website. For many website owners and website builders, it is important that the content is easily searchable by search engines. That is why, you must put a lot of keywords (words which are strongly related to your purpose, what you’re in the Internet for) on it, and see the XSitePro’s SEO powers at work. Avoid saying unnecessary or elaborate materials, and remember the goals you had from the start. If you are trying to sell something, try not to sound too over the top. If you have a niche audience, create your content as if you are talking to them. Lastly, don’t forget to proofread. One misspelling and your target reader will be turned off by your lack of discipline and/or finesse.

If you are not that confident with creating the written content for your site, you may ask input from your trusted colleagues, or you may even seek consultation from a pro. This is something that you really cannot force upon a person. And if you read your written content and something in your gut tells you that it’s wrong, then perhaps it truly is. The ability to build your own site with content that you finally decide upon can be posted by XSitePro on any schedule that you see fit.

After you’ve done the more abstract parts of building your website, you can now proceed to the hardcore website production stuff. Which domain name would you like to have? Your domain name is your address on the World Wide Web. It’s what comes before .com, .net, .info, et cetera. It will be the sole ID of all that you have to present to the Internet-using world. That said, you know how important it is to pick your domain name right. It has to be easy to remember and it has to be highly relevant to your business. Unless you’re launching a secret site, your domain name has to be catchy and appropriate.

You can buy a domain at, one of the most popular domain name sellers on the web. If your first choice is taken, they can easily come up with alternatives which cover pretty much the same niche. Domain names can go as low as $2 a year or a high as hundreds of dollars, but the average floats at $10-$15 per year. Not bad, eh? But that’s just the name okay? When you have a domain, that’s the time when you’re supposed to buy hosting.

Hosting, as the term implies, refers to the space that one purchases on a monthly basis to put your website live on the internet. You buy it, register one time, so that you can put your content up on the web. There are hosting packages which can go as low as $12 a year or as high as $400. There are sites which offer free hosting, like You only need to sign up at blogger, point your domain into their server and you can have your very own .com working.

If you are worried about your design and the technicalities of your website’s functions, you don’t have to, for XSitePro can make building your own website fun and easy. You can do the applications by following the simple instructions and the design is done for you. The XSitePro software makes for great website management; and it doesn’t intimidate the techno-beginners at all! And don’t be afraid of its price or XSitePro availability. We already talked about how hot Internet business is competition-tight these days. XSitePro has built in optimization facets that are as easy as filling in the blanks and your sites completely itemized and optimized for search engine high rankings.

After you’re done with the site map, the content, the domain, hosting and the website management, and optimization, you’re sure you’ve got a website right. Who knew that when you use XSitePro to build your own website it would be this easy? This kind of software just keeps us wondering what we might be able to do a few years from now.

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