8 Website Design Tips

This article is written to help peoples thought process when thinking about redesigning their web sites. Hopefully helpful information for people living in Coventry, Warwick, Stratford upon Avon, Leamington Spa and all of Warwickshire.

1. The more visitors and leads the better.
The reason you are re-designing your website is to have a positive impact upon your business. It is not because you are bored with the website design or because your mate down the pub has said it would look better in a different shade of blue. So in order to make it a beneficial proposition worthy of you spending your time on we need to focus upon the results you wish to achieve. More visitors, more sales leads and more clients finding and been attracted to your company from the web. Every decision you make should be focused upon improving those targets. Keeping this in mind, you need to spend time finding out about what the things are that will improve your web design marketing results.

2. Avoid the lovely web design pitfalls.
I have seen many times, a modern website redesign that actually negatively impacts the results from a previously old designed website. Your existing website design may have many of the correct assets that your potential clients look for and you have built up over many years. A redesigned web design may lose these assets because many so called web design companies get the idea of what you are trying to achieve wrong. They are web design experts NOT Internet marketing experts. We here at Web Design Warwickshire however are firstly internet marketing experts and secondly web designers. We believe this is a critical quality to offer our clients as we focus on the delivery of sales enquiry.
The web design assets we concentrate help your potential clients find your website. Then help turn the directed hits into sales leads and new clients. You need to find out what those assets are (unique content, great keywords that your web site rank well for, relevant inbound links) Many of the best and unique assets we use in the web design process are not listed here for competition reasons. You have to become a client of Web Design Warwickshire to get them incorporated into your next web design redesign.

3. Invest your time and money on your website content.
Do not spend too much effort building an original design. Why not? Because there are over a billion pages in the world wide web so what are the chances of it being original and unique? The design should be good, but that does not mean unique and expensive. It is unique or interesting content that attracts people and converts them into being your new client. Not unique web design.

4. Create a plan to build website content constantly.
As a rule of thumb the more content equals more visitors and the faster your business on the web will grow. Google likes websites that have constantly updating content This process helps with traffic, response and rankings. Web Design Warwickshire employ many effective tactics in this area. Contact us to explain further

5. Try Conversion Experiments.
The key to maximising your website conversion rate (visits verses contacts) is to have the ability to change a few key parts of your website. For example the websites landing pages. Then you must have the ability to monitor your conversion rate accurately. By having these abilities you are able to make changes often and monitor how well they work. Over time you will have the optimum site.

6. Include Web Design, ……, ….., and ……. …. landing pages, SEO.
Any website built today must include these basics. They are not expensive, and they work. They are great ways to get your site name out onto the web, attract new customers and convert a larger proportion of your target customers into contacting you. As well as moving you up the Google rankings.
As a direct result of some of our less than imaginative competition in Coventry reading our tips and using the information they find to their own ends. Some of the more unique and interesting content has been removed. Please contact Web Design Warwickshire to learn further..

7. Have U.S.P’s
Unique selling points can be shown to potential clients to prove you are the company to do business with. For example if you can show in the content of your website you can provide something they need but no one else offers. They are more likely to contact you.

8. To Recap.
Your business website is your online salesman. He can work 24 hours a day. Make sure you give him the tools to succeed. You will then get measurable business results. Leave the work of art to the art galleries and Master craftsmen. Your lively hood and your companies’ success may depend upon it.

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