7 Tips For Creating a Wedding Registry

Happy Sunday to you all
Nick and I just got done making our wedding registries (at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond) and I kept thinking about how to make a great registry…with items that won’t make your guests say “what?!” or “umm I’m not buying that.” I was scared of getting that reaction from guests because, let’s face it, we’ve all seen a registry that has enticed that response from us. Before I share some tips, let’s all agree that there is no “perfect” registry; a registry is meant to help us get started with things that we need & each couple’s needs are different.
I hope you find these tips helpful & keep in mind that many of them can be used when creating any registry

{ONE} Choose stores that you both like, as obvious as this sounds. For example, we both love Target so we chose to create a registry there. Don’t choose stores that you don’t normally shop at, because you want to love the products you select! I almost never shop at Williams Sonoma, so I wouldn’t create a registry there.

{TWO} Take inventory of what you currently own & what you really need. I think it’s natural to want to scan, scan, scan every item that catches your eye (trust me, having a scanner in Target made me want to scan the whole store), but having TOO many items on our registry will no doubt overwhelm your guests and they won’t know where to start. I suggest looking at what you currently have and decide whether or not you need a new one. Been using the same coffee maker for years? Scan an upgrade! Tired of your Craigslist vacuum cleaner? Scan an upgrade. But if you just bought a new microwave & you really love it, be honest with yourself. Your registry doesn’t have to include everything. We don’t have a microwave on our registry because my mom recently got us a really nice one that we aren’t using until we move. Why waste our guests’ time and money on a product that we don’t need?

{THREE} Scan what you need…as tempting as it is to scan those BluRay DVDs and that Chi hair straightener, help your guests out. Really sit down and define your wants vs your needs. It’ll be appreciated and your guests won’t feel like you’re taking advantage of a registry to get things that you could get for yourself (a hair straightener is not exactly a necessity to start your married life together). Nick and I desperately need organization, so we scanned a couple of organizational units from Target.

{FOUR} This won’t be applicable to every couple or every store, but keep in mind prices & the guests that you are expecting to buy from your registries. If they’re on your guest list, you may have a general idea of price points they are willing to spend on you. But as a guest, it is not fun to look at a registry and know that you can’t afford half of the items on the list. Keep in mind what your guests can afford when choosing stores & items. Personally, we love Target & Bed Bath and Beyond because of the many coupons available that guests can take advantage of. Trust me, your guests will appreciate (and notice) that you didn’t choose the most expensive items for your registry.

{FIVE} Create your registry together. The first time I went to Target to start our registry I brought my sister. It was a lot more difficult than I expected because Nick wasn’t with me to help make the decision of what we both wanted. Granted, most of the items he could care less about & he would have been happy with the choices I made, but I wanted to make sure he was involved in the process.

{SIX} Don’t start your registry too far in advance & don’t add any seasonal items. You don’t want to fall in love with a product and then find out that it’s no longer available because it was seasonal. I think a good timeline is about a couple months or so before your wedding shower. This gives you plenty of time to explore stores and options, while ensuring that the items you selected will most likely be available to your guests by the time the shower rolls around.

{SEVEN} HAVE FUN! Creating a registry should not be stressful or overwhelming. It can be hard to figure out where to start, but once you get going, enjoy the experience! Don’t let wedding planning bring out the worst in either of you. Let the scanning begin!

Hope your Sunday is a relaxing one xoxo

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