7 Great Summer Job Ideas for College Students Plus Business Ideas

Though, you are a college going guys you’ve got thousands of biz, hangouts, parties and even more. But you get a certain sum of bucks from our parents as yet we are the college going kid. And for that obviously you get to think to do something to manage some extra sum. But questions, what to do? How to get started? Okay, No worries, I’ve got some great Summer Job Ideas for College Students.


As college students, you can do some outdoor works when you are in the summer vacations. It can be a part-time office job, or can be salesmanship. No matter what it is you need some healthy sum of cash, don’t you?

1. Document Processing:

You are handy in computer operations particularly in word processing, that’s cool. You are going to get a special job according to your special expertise. Go around your areas’ different offices and ask if they need any part-time person for processing their documents. Or you can ask for help to your neighbors to manage a part-time job at his/ her office if they need.

2. Tour Guide:

Guiding can be the greatest summer job idea for college students. If, yours is a famous tourist area, thousands of people visit this area daily. Or you live in hilly or beach areas and you are the hangout bird of your locality, that’s good. Let’s start your job as Tour Guide. Keep a good communication with your nearby hotels and resort manager. They will probably help you to get tourists to guide.

3. Amusement / Theme Park:

Amusement and Theme Park can be the best Summer Job Ideas for college Students because summer is the supreme time for Amusement Parks. People love to come in the Water Park with their families in the summer. The Park authorities employ more persons. You can go to the HR manager of the park directly and can talk if they need any.

4. Sales Person:

There are plenty of opportunities as part-time Sales Person in different Gift Shops, Departmental Stores, Medical Stores and Super Markets. Generally, they employ people without any notices. You can go there and ask them if they need any. As a college student Salesperson job can be flexible with your timing.

5. Teacher Assistant:

The teaching assistant is one of the great summer job ideas for college students. As a college students maximum of you even don’t know there are some interesting jobs in your own campus. You can work as teacher assistant; you will assist your teacher by processing grade papers, assessing exam papers of the lower classes and helping the teacher in their researches.


As the part of summer job ideas for college students here are some small business ideas that can easily be implemented by college students. If you can manage some capitals, you can start a small business of your own. Are you surprised? Let’s try my ideas:

6. Small Event Management:

I think this piece of idea can be the best summer job ideas for college students.

There are hundreds of small and medium events happening around us daily. Events can be Small Birth Day Party, Marriage Anniversary, Company Annual Function, Inauguration Ceremony, Small Business Opening and many more. You can take contracts to arrange these particular small parties. Here, you will need a strong Management Team, Hard Work, Commitment and Honesty of course. So, let’s make a strong team with your friends and start searching contract today. Ohh, always remember to make a good community and networks, for it will help you to get further work.

7. Buy and Resell Things:

You can buy second hand things comparatively at a lower price from different online shops and then re-sell them after adding some benefits of it. There are hundreds of local and international online shops all over the world. One interesting thing, you can also make an online shop of your own. Question, how? Okay, you can do some trade of trendy fashion products like T-shirt, Shoes, Jeans, Sun-Glasses and what you want actually. Make small store in your bedroom if you don’t have any other options. Then Crate a Facebook page, put a phone number, take orders and deliver them properly.

In the bottom poke I would say, here are all about great summer job ideas for college students. But ideas are not everything; the thing is you who will execute the ideas into action. I would like to type some tips as I am almost at the end.

* Take proper work permission and papers from your college
* Remember your work hours and child labor laws
* Fix-up your salary or payment before starting the job
* Shouldn’t do the job if you don’t like it

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